Winning The Next American Revolution

Transforming philly politics with a people-first democratic electoral strategy: an introduction to municipalism

Building on the core principles of the American democratic experiment, the coming Commonist revolution has a chance to expand fundamental human rights and establish a sustainable economy to the benefit of all of us.

The Fight Hasn’t Ended for Most of Us

The country with the largest economy and strongest military in the world is on the verge of a revolution. If we want to influence the direction that revolution swings, our participation is required.

Those of us who would like to see a more equitable and sustainable world are in need of a successful strategy to win the future. Without one, there is every reason to believe that we’ll slip into an age of chaos and repression. The forces of oppression have not appeared stronger nor been as bold in a generation, and they are poised to expand their control of this country. If the left continues on its path of infighting and competition there will be nothing to stand against these draconian forces most clearly represented in the figure of our current president.

The plan simply requires us to make local government more accountable and transparent to the people. This is done by engaging the public at neighborhood assemblies, developing policy based on direct community input, and running candidates who agree to amplify and advocate for needs of regular citizens. The ultimate goal of this strategy is not just to get the right candidates in office, but to transform the way that politics is done; to demand answers from representatives more often than once a campaign season.

These solutions have a proven track record in cities like Richmond, California and Jackson, Mississippi, and was successful in winning control of Spain’s two largest cities — Barcelona and Madrid. We can learn from these examples and build people power here in Philadelphia.

Most people feel completely out of touch with the decisions that affect them most profoundly and they’re right to feel that way. Our current government is proven not to respond to the needs of its citizens. However at the local level our voice matters. It has power and it has influence and we can use it to wrest power from the hands of the 1% and return it to where it belongs with the people of this city.

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