Win the City is a people powered grassroots effort. That means we can not do this without you. If you can commit to helping out this effort PLEASE SIGN UP! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Please be patient with us and know that you’re essential to transforming Philly politics.

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Volunteer Roles

Connect with folks where you are. Whatever your neighborhood we’ll need you to contact spaces and organizations that are involved with the community. This is the most important working group because the legitimacy of the project depends on getting the buy in of regular people who are sick of politics as usual.

Social Media
Everyone is on the social media team. If you believe in the mission of WTC then we’ll need you to share the page and any articles posted there. But we’ll also need folks dedicated to posting regularly and maintaining a variety of social media channels.

Web Tech
Even though it is essential we reach out to folks even if they can’t access the web, leveraging the web will be crucial to this effort. Whatever your skill level we need you.

If you have any experience with fundraising please let us know. You’re going to be huge to the effort.

Blog posts on the site and on Medium.com. Copy for the website. Writers and editors needed. Please link to your work in the comment section of the volunteer form.

Experience designing for print or web is going to be essential throughout the entire process. If you have a link to your portfolio please share in the volunteer form.

To make our meetings as accessible as possible we’ll need folks to procure childcare and food at a minimum for all of our meetings. You’ll need to find spaces for those meetings among many other behind the scenes essentials. You’re the unsung heroes of every movement and we need you!

Candidates, Policy and Legal
All of these are very important working groups, but during the early stages of our movement they’re not going to come into play. If these are your interests, please consider signing up for Outreach as well.

If you have any other questions, please contact Jack at jackrabbit@winthecity.us