Here is some of what has inspired us. We hope you’ll find it inspiring too! Please check it out and let’s talk about what you think!

Cooperation Jackson (link)
Building a solidarity economy in Jackson, Mississippi, anchored by a network of cooperatives and other worker-owned, democratically self-managed enterprises.

Richmond Progressive Alliance
A group of real progressives who worked together to win against a giant corporation that owned their town
Richmond Progressive Alliance sweeps up at the polls

Refinery Town, a book by Steve Early

Barcelona en Comu
This is Hell – radio intervew
Kate Shea Baird and Steve Hughes examine the revolutionary potential of a reclaimed municipal politics – as a tool to resist the rightward slide of nationalism happening across the US and Europe, and as a path to recapturing the radical potential of horizontal, inclusive democratic action across the globe.

America needs a network of rebel cities to stand up to Trump
With Trump in the White House and GOP majorities in the House and Senate, we must look to cities to protect civil liberties and build progressive alternatives from the bottom up.

Welcome to the Post Political Party Era
The results from Spain’s latest local elections, which saw the decline of the conservative Partido Popular, have the potential of modifying the course of representative democracy as we know it.

How to win back the city
A guide for world cities: how a 10-month-old community group took power from a political caste which had been in charge of Barcelona for four decades.

Videos with English subtitles

Mortgaged Lives / Vidas Hipotecadas
By Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany / English Translation by Michelle Teran
PDF online