Founding Principles

Win The City: Philadelphia

Founding Principles

The Founding Principles are a living document that provides a framework for the goals and decisions defining the group known as Win The City (WTC). As a living document it can be modified by members of the group.


The Founding Principles hold individual members of WTC accountable to the whole group. For official WTC group decisions to be legitimate, they should be consistent with the Founding Principles.  These principles encompass a unity of purpose. All members must agree on that shared purpose in order to make decisions in alignment with WTC.


Trust is a cornerstone of working together in community. Give group members the benefit of the doubt. They are here for the same reason you are. Mistrust can be avoided through communication. Without trust, we can not come to agreement because we will not believe our fellows have our interests in mind.


Respect is essential. It is a statement of equality. It is an understanding that though we may see things differently, we are valued and accepted. Respect gives the space to disagree, yet still know that we are heard.


Oppression is the application of an imbalance of power to coerce outcomes from the unwilling. The spaces convened by WTC must be free from oppression at all times to facilitate an environment of cooperation where conflict can be resolved in a way that everyone involved benefits. No one engaged in WTC activities should fear they’ll be coerced by those more powerful than they are. Our policies will reflect this principle as well.

Self Empowerment

All WTC group members have a right to speak up and be heard. Self empowerment serves as a reminder that all members matter. All members have agency and the right to effect change. We need each other to stand up and show up for ourselves and our communities.


The success of WTC is dependent upon the willingness of its membership to support and facilitate the work of its other members. We all have unique talents and abilities to contribute. A commitment to cooperation relieves the unreasonable expectation that individuals are wholly responsible for success. We are better when we work together.


We need to anticipate that tensions may arise when varying viewpoints are given the opportunity to express themselves. This is natural and should not be avoided. However, the healthy outcome of tension is its resolution. It is through tension and release that creative and effective solutions to problems can emerge.  Folks can feel comfortable expressing their views if they know that if conflict arises it will be resolved.

Equal Access to Power

WTC is committed to equal access to power. WTC does not discriminate and calls upon group members to actively remove any barriers to equal access to power on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, or any other characteristic.