Win the City will recognize and collaborate with, if necessary, any initiative which, whatever its structure, is made up of citizens, is not monopolized or led by political parties, is constructed according to the same democratic processes that we want to see reflected in our public institutions, and which defends ideas similar to those in our “Founding Principles”.

The platform of Win the City: Philadelphia should be rooted in the city’s local grassroots organizing networks and the social landscape of the city. It should share the aims and working methods of Win The City and will be led by citizens.

Any person or political party that wants to be involved should accept these minimum conditions. The Win The City platform will not be led by any political party. Any individual may participate but not as representatives of a political organization.

The aim of our citizen platform is to launch a collective process to win the city. “Winning” means much more than electing individuals to government positions, although that is an important goal. Winning means changing the way that government is run. We want to establish a Democracy that is local, transparent, accountable to the public and participative. We will implement fairer, redistributive and sustainable politics to tackle the current social, economic, and political crisis.

This process should move forward by consulting and listening to local people in order to secure their endorsement and gain local legitimacy. Our process gains legitimacy by being inclusive of the regular people of this city. It is a process that needs to engage with all of the people of the city regardless of income or wealth and despite lack of access to technology. We will do everything possible to reach out to those citizens who have been ignored by our current politics. We are dedicated to having a platform that reflects the real people of this city, not the developers and the corporations that seek to exploit us for profit.

A target of signatures of support should be set, and the initiative should be presented in different neighborhoods and districts to collect the views and opinions of the people.

This work should be based on concrete, achievable goals based on: urgent measures to deal with the consequences of the aggressive neoliberal and neoconservative handling of the economic crisis, a new ‘ethical code’ or contract between the people and their representatives that allows us to come out of the current political crisis with more democracy, not less.