Win the City’s mission is to strengthen democracy and increase citizen empowerment and engagement at the local level. We do this through engaging with neighborhood assemblies, developing policy based on direct community input, and running candidates who agree to amplify and advocate for needs of regular citizens.

Why Win the City?

Now is the time for us to build a people powered democracy neighborhood by neighborhood!

Win the City is about neighborhoods coming together city-wide to demand real positive change where it matters. For that reason, Win the City aims to win local elections by running candidates who will advocate for policies and platforms developed by we the people.

In Philadelphia, 40% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2016 elections; many of them because they feel their vote doesn’t matter. At the national level that’s true. But, Win the City is not about national politics. It’s not about Republicans or Democrats, or third party alternatives. It is about where we live.


Win the City will recognize and collaborate with, if necessary, any initiative which, whatever its structure, is made up of citizens, is not monopolized or led by political parties, is constructed according to the same democratic processes that we want to see reflected in our public institutions, and which defends ideas similar to those in our “Founding Principles”. Continue reading “About”



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